11 minutes
Published October 2014

What is the Evidence for Evolution?


Script was written by Jon Perry and approved by science advisors Dr. Joy S. Reidenberg, Dr. Hans Thewissen, and Dr. Philip D. Gingerich. Content and message was inspired by Berkley website Understanding Evolution and by the writings of Carl Zimmer in his books Evolution: The Triumph Of An Idea and At The Water's Edge.

Whale biologist Dr. Joy S. Reidenberg advised on whale vocalization and blowhole anatomy.

Paleontologist Dr. Hans Thewissen spent hours detailing the discoveries made in whale embryology, along with the discoveries of several fossils including Ambulocetus who made a brief appearance in the film.

Paleontologist Dr. Philip D Gingerich gave detailed information about two groups of fossils which his team has spent a great deal of time with: Maiacetus and the basilosaurid whales. These two groups are particularly important because individual skeletons from these groups have been unusually well preserved for fossils of their age.

The animation of this film was done by Jon Perry using Adobe Flash 5.5. Flash animation was exported as an image sequence and rendered in Adobe Premiere as an mp4 file for upload to YouTube.

Photos of dolphin embryos were supplied by Dr. Hans Thewissen.

Photos of fossils were provided by Dr. Pilip D. Gingerich.

Photos of live whales were taken by Leon Z. Newman.

Photos of chicken embryos provided by Joseph J. Lancman and John F. Fallon

Photo of Archaeopteryx provided by the Museum Für Naturkunde.

Photos of bat embryos by Dorit Hockman.

All images were prepped for video by Jon Perry.

Illustrations in this animation were done by several artists. They were created either in Adobe Illustrator or drawn directly in Adobe Flash.

  • Katie Hick did the hippos
  • Jordan Collver did the sea lion, small crustaceans (from the whale's diet), and a recreation of the reptile-like mammal Arctognathus.
  • Zaid Ghasib did the recreation of the ancient amphibian Eryops
  • Rosemary Mosco did the animals found in the evolutionary tree along with the beakers and strands of DNA used throughout the animation.
  • Jon Perry did the whales and all other illustrations.

Jon Perry did the English narration. The recording was done with an MXL 770 Condenser Microphone using Adobe Audition Software.

Sound effects and editing were done by Tyler Proctor.

Music by Anthony Danzl

Closed Captioning
Greek translation by Gera Pe

Dutch Translation by Jan Blok

English titles by Jon Perry