"Not explaining science
seems to me perverse.
When you're in love,
you want to tell the world."

- Carl Sagan

Our Passion

We are in love with the scientific process and the art of critical thinking. We feel that an enhanced ability to think critically and ask probing questions will enable people to become better scientists and also aid them in every aspect of life from work and politics to family life and personal relationships.

Our Mission is simple

To promote the art of critical thinking by exposing people
from all walks of life, to the simple beauty of science.
We do this by taking complicated scientific topics such as
"What is DNA and how does it work" and creating short, information rich animations that explain the topic in clear language.


Science is for everyone

At Stated Clearly we focus on the theory of evolution which is often misunderstood and even rejected by many members of our society. Our animations and writings aim to explain the science in clear language that anyone can understand, and in a friendly tone with a sensitivity to the cultural issues that many people have with the science.

We feel that the basic principles of biology should be freely accessible to all,
independent of race, age, gender, creed,
or level of education.

Jon Perry

Artist & Founder

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Meet our Production Team

These are the folks who help make Stated Clearly.


Our Science Advisors

  • Allan Savory
  • Ara Apkarian PhD
  • Beatrice H. Hahn MD
  • Brian Cafferty PhD
  • Christopher Parsons MSc
  • Danielle Watt PhD
  • David Deamer PhD
  • David Lynn PhD
  • David O. Conover PhD
  • Eric Potma PhD
  • Eric T. Parker
  • J.G.M. Hans Thewissen PhD
  • Jay T. Goodwin PhD
  • Jianzhi "George" Zhang, PhD
  • Joanna Masel, PhD
  • Johana Revel PhD
  • Joonhee Lee PhD
  • Joy S. Reidenberg PhD
  • Kini R Manjunatha, PhD
  • Michael Worobey PhD
  • Nancy Miorelli MSc
  • Nicholas Casewell PhD
  • Nicholas V. Hud PhD
  • Patricia Marsteller PhD
  • Philip D. Gingerich PhD
  • Ram Krishnamurthy PhD
  • Suhail Alhejji
  • Tom Cochran
  • Varinia Acosta DVM
  • Venkat Bommisetty PhD
  • Wilson Ho PhD