9 minutes
Published April 2015

What is Chemical Evolution?



This animation is the first Stated Clearly video to include 3D graphics. The molecules were created by Jon Perry in a program called PyMOL which is a molecular visualization program commonly used by chemists. 

Once the molecules were created, 3D artist Jason Moon used an open source program called Blender to animate them and style them in Stated Clearly fashion. 

The rest of the graphics in this animation (those things that are not molecules) were drawn and animated in Adobe Flash by Jon Perry. 

A few of the critter illustrations were drawn by Rosemary Mosco at Bird and Moon Comics. 


The script was written and narrated by Jon Perry. It was edited by Bret Johnson, Ram Krishnamurthy, David W. Deamer, Nancy Miorelli, Nicholas Hud, and Chris Parsons.