Our goal at Stated Clearly is to have our materials used freely by as many people possible! That said, we do need to pay our bills.

We use statistics from YouTube to see how many people are watching our animations. These numbers help us learn how well we're doing, and they help us get funding from grants and individual contributors.

Please follow the guidelines below when using our materials. If you have more questions, fill out the Permission Request Form below the guidelines and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Video Usage Guidelines

Things we hope you do!

  • Watch our videos for free from our YouTube channel or our website!
  • Play our videos for classrooms and large groups! Please do so from our YouTube channel or our website. (Downloads are available for purchase)
  • Embed our videos on your blog or website with YouTube's embed code system!
  • Share our films on Facebook, Twitter and through email.
  • Use screen shots of our videos in your presentations as long as you cite the source as follows: image by

Things we hope you don't do

  • Please don't download our videos from YouTube to save to your hard drive. Downloads are available for purchase.
  • Please don't re-upload our videos to your own YouTube Channel or to another video sharing site.
  • Please don't translate our films into a foreign language without written permission and approval of the translation.
  • Use our videos on TV without written permission.

If you would like to provide foreign subtitles or translations for our videos, please contact us with the Permission Request Form below.

Image Usage Guidelines

Things we hope you do!

  • Share them on facebook, twitter, and other social media with a link to
  • Email them to friends with a link to
  • Post them on your website or blog with credits clearly reading: image by
  • use them as visuals aids in presentions with credits clearly reading: image by
  • Use them to create free educational materials (powerpoints, web pages and so on). Please credit us as follows: image by

Things we hope you don't do.

  • Share images without giving us any credit. We want users to know who we are so they can use our materials too.
  • Alter our images in any way that would change their meaning or purpose.
  • Sell our images or use them to create products you will sell (t-shirts, videos, and so on) without our written permission.

Permission Request

Tell us how you would like to use our materials, and we'll do our best to help.