By Jon Perry
September 30, 2013

Is Stated Clearly an Atheist Organization?

Is Stated Clearly an Atheist Organization?

No, Stated Clearly is not an Atheist organization. Our team currently consists of both religious and non-religious individuals who love science. We are here to teach science and to promote the art of critical thinking.

We are aware that the theory of evolution may clash with some of the personal or religious ideas of our viewers. While the topic of theology is very interesting, it falls outside the scope of the Stated Clearly mission. Our job is to simply state the observable facts of biology, and to clearly present the reasoning which scientists have used to reach tentative conclusions.

We hope that Stated Clearly will be a place for people of all backgrounds to come and safely experience the simple beauty of science. We hope that our videos and articles will inspire viewers to ask deep questions and expand their personal world views.

The theory of evolution is a powerful tool for understanding the world around us. To learn more about why the theory of evolution is so important, see our animation Does the Theory of Evolution Really Matter?


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