By Jon Perry
September 15, 2012

5 Genes That Sculpt Your Face

5 Genes That Sculpt Your Face

In 1961, Marshall Nirenberg cracked the genetic code, finally showing us the DNA language used by genes to build proteins. Today we are still working to figure out how those genes, and the proteins they build, affect our overall structure and appearance. For example, we’re only just now learning to predict a person’s skin, eye, and hair color based on DNA alone. Forensic scientists, however, have reason to believe that the future of genetics is bright.

A recent study by the Erasmus University Medical Center, found 5 genes which seem to be involved in creating face shape in humans.

They discovered 5 face building genes that all people have (PRDM16, PAX3, TP63, C5orf50, and COL17A1) but there are several different versions or “alleles” of these genes found in different individuals.

Researchers believe that as we continue studying these genes and how different combinations of their alleles affect the shape of a person’s face, we may be able to produce an accurate sketch of a person by simply looking into their DNA.

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