By Jon Perry
February 1, 2017

Pre-Order Q&A

Pre-Order Q&A

Can I buy the shirts if I'm not contributing on Patreon? 

No, the shirts are for contributers only. The piont of the shirts is to give back to those who are giving to us. That said, contributors are able to order up to 10 shirts for themselves or as gifts. Maybe if you're extra nice, one of your friends will order one for ya!

Why Pre-Order?

The group of people working on Stated Clearly is small. Doing a pre-order allows us to print and ship everything all at once instead of stopping our work to do a few print and shipping jobs each day. It also allows us buy blank shirts in bulk at a reduced price once we know the sizes our contributors want. 

How much do shirts cost?

We are selling them for $12 to our patrons. Because you are already our contributing to our work, we wanted to get your shirt to you at cost. We spend $8-$10 to buy the blank shirts and print them, depending on the size. That gives us a $2 to $4 margin of error in case something goes wrong (ordered the wrong size, messed up a print, and so on). 

What brand are the t-shirts?

The creme shirts are printed on American Apparel (while their supplies last, they went out of business recently). The other colors, and the creme after American Apparel runs out are by a brand called Canvas. They are the same in size, cut, and quality to the American Apparel shirts but not made in the USA. Now that American Apparel is gone, there are not options for quality shirts made in the US. 

Here are specs on the canvas unisex cut

Here are specs on the canvas women's cut

Who designed the shirt?

It was designed by Jordan Collver. He is an artist living in the UK and is a long time volunteer on the Stated Clearly project. He did this year's design as a gift for Stated Clearly. Good man! 

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